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“Pet Tripperz” is a show about pets and pet travel. Our crew visits various cities featuring pet friendly hotels, local cafes, stores, and activities of interest to pet owners. Further, it explores pet supplies, pet health, and breed specifics as part of the natural flow of the show. The show is certainly about having fun but it is also about being a responsible and caring pet owner. Whether you are tuning in to find a new product to tackle your terrier’s teething issues, or to find new ways to pamper your Persian, or simply to veg out and vicariously vacation in a new place, each episode will provide what you need and more.

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Pet Tripperz Press Kit
Originally conceived as an exploration of musical film as a genre, “Shut Up & Kiss Me” was shot using modern technology with a stylistic emphasis on classic Hollywood production design and scripting. This short peeks into the relationship of Dean and Julie, a bickering couple who are made for each other but who are too wrapped up in their own self interests to come together. When all seems lost and the powder keg of emotions is sure to blow, Dean relies on romance to put things in proper perspective. Directed by Bartley Argo and produced by Miriam Oxtoby, this ensemble film is a beautiful tribute to the musicals of Hollywood’s Golden Age.
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Amelia Island Film Festival Official Selection
Shut Up and Kiss Me Press Kit

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